Trackback Love

Scott Reads RSS Poetry

At the Northern Voice Tiki party, Scott Leslie wowed us (well I was wowed) with his rendition of a poem only geeks could grok, called “Trackback Love”. I grabbed some video with my little Canon Powershot- the lighting is awful but the audio is not bad.

Trackback Love (3.4 Mb Quicktime 1:42)

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  1. I was definitely wowed, this was a Scott Leslie classic. I think “trackback love” was hysterical, and it needs to be noted that Scott quickly had a restless room (a result of all the god awful poetry that came before it) eating from his hand given a masterful delivery.

  2. OK, wow, this is glorious.

    What a lesson: always, always, always have your camera-with-video with you.

    This clip not only is, but *should be*, a persistent resource.

    Scott, Ingenious. Me, Gobsmacked.

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