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Register Soon to Mash It Up With NMC

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Don’t miss out on the 2008 NMC Symposium on Mashups – early registration ends this Sunday. Stop reading (or at least skim), and register now.

This is another one of the NMC’s online conferences, and to fit with the theme, we are even mashing up our venues between the 3D world of Second Life and the web environment of Adobe Connect. At least four sessions, plus the opening reception and a mashup showcase (including a screening of student created mashup video) will take place in Second Life — but all Second Life sessions will also be streamed live to Connect, so you can pick where to attend.

With events taking place April 1-3 including keynote speakers Wayne Hodgins (Director of Worldwide Learning Strategies at Autodesk) on The Future is a Monstrous and Marvelous Mashup and Susan Smith Nash (eLearning Queen!) on Educational Uses of Mashups.

See the preliminary program for the rest of the agenda including sessions mashups on the web and in virtual worlds:

  • “Mashing It Up at a Big University” Cole Camplese, Pennsylvania State University
  • “Mashup Contest at UPenn: Copyright and Free Culture” Anu Vedantham and Peter Decherney, University of Pennsylvania
  • “Confessions of a Mashup Un-Artist” Brian Lamb, University of British Columbia
  • “Mashups in Second Life” Eric Hackathorm, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Hilary Mason, Johnson and Wales University
  • “Information Visualization Using Mashups and Web 2.0 Tools” Jill Tinsley, University of Arizona.

And whether or not you are participating, anyone can discuss mashups online via a CommentPress version of the Symposium on Mashups Discussion Draft.

Come mash it up!

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