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The comment stream is a raging torrent (121+) to Al Upton’s dire situation of his miniLegend bloggers being squashed by the government– what is telling now are comments from the miniLegends themselves (un-edited):

I was almost in tears when i heard my blog was shut-down.i was so sad and dissenpointed. i realy enjoyed bloging. i absoulutly loved my cluster-map. i somtimes might say all that work for nothing. The vokis are cool. i start thinking that we wouldent be able to talk to our mentors. it uset to be fun

.Hi al iwas abit sad when I heard that the blogs were closed.
Blogs are good becase you can couminicate with people in the world.
I like the vokis they are cool

If I had don a bit more I would be abit angery.

I would be safe if mr apton is in charg.

It is fun to have a blog.

when my blog went off i felt sad
i wud love to have my blog back
the best thing is you ar getting new frents
also i love getting red dots

When I first herd my blog was shut down I felt sad,upset and woryed about my blog and what would happen to my blog.How I cant look at my comment’s and how I cant look at ather people’s blog’s.And how I cant see my cluster map.The best is the comunicating with people I dont know.I get freind’s. You can put on pictuer’s and poster’s. I learn faster on the computer’s and blog’s. Our new form is called Article 13. I love bloging.

When i found out my blog was shutdown.

I loved my blog.
I was disopointed because i put so mutch work into it.
I realy like having a clustermap.
I like comiticating with people i do no and people i dont no.
I like my fake on my blog.
I realy wont my blog back.
It is fun to go on my blog.
I like it when i get red dots on my clustermap.
My blog was cool because i could comiticate with people.

When i first heard about that the blog was shutdown I felt unhappy
sad.but we all have to get use to it.and becuese that happend we have ARTICLE13.

when I first heard that our blogs I was very sad.

Ioved my blog.

my blog was cool becase you can do cool stuf.

I love my clastar map.

I like my mentor.

I like sending stuf to my mentor.

the blogs are fun.

my mentor is fun.

my mentor helps me alot.

when i found out no longer we could youse our Blogs.

I thort it was a wast of time.

yer eneway it was fun doing the wigits and writing the story it was cool the draft first.

When I hurd that we arent aloud to go on my blog I was angry because I wanted to talk to my mentor, I love to go on my blog, I like my clustermap and my pitcher, IT IS FUN!!!! We can always do something on our blog.

when I first heard that are blogs was closing down
I felt sad because you can’t see your coments .Are new
forum is called Article 13 it’s about right of the child.
On are blogs we have done lot’s of things in it.It is verey fun
and cool cause the writing is more fun then before
i like my blogs because.
>you can cammunicate with others people

I liked my blog and I am sad that we have to cloze it down
than are relly fun
I like my red cluster maps
are fourm is the rights of the child

When I first found out that our blogs had been shut down, I felt very upset. We just found out today the 17-03-08. I loved doing all of the things we did. Our forum is called Article 13 Right of the child. I liked talking to our mentors, friends, family and buddys. Our class theam is potatos. We didn’t do alot of work on them, but the work we did on them was fun.

When I first heard that our blogs were going to be shutdown I felt
depresed, frusstrated and sad couse I realy liked going on it and writing posts on it. Now we have a forom called article13 rights of the child.I love my cluster map and photos and you get new friends. Its cool that we learn lots of tricks and doing it in our is boring but on the computer its lots of fun.

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