I’ve been still mentally energy catching up after the sprint marathon that is running our Symposium on Mashups last week and thuse am delinquent on sharing what an over-the-top session Jim Groom and Tom Woodward did on Welcome to the People’s Republic of Non-Programistan — including fake accents for 30 minutes — catch the Connect recording but more, so catch the zany metaphor they carried out at http://bionicteaching.com/ihatecode.

But heck, I dont even need to blog much, check out Tony Hirst’s in kind response To Comrades in Non-Programistan – A Message from Feedistan.

And oh, I am just crazed rocking to the first video Tony included- DataPortability- Get Your Data Out:

Not to mention Fair(y) Use Tale[s] (oh what a mashup!).

All Hail Feedistan!

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