Wikis are one of the most powerful, and low barrier entry of Web2.0 technologies, and ironically, ancient, almost as old as HTML itself. Thanks to a twitter links from Vicki Davis (twitterbution), I came across one today that is certainly proving itself as a wiki way to do things.

This post is not strictly about the wiki itself, but a snippet I saw there, but it is the TwitterPack wiki, that asks the question:

If someone were joining Twitter today, who might they follow?

Twitter Packs is a place to get a starting idea of who on Twitter posts about what. Come in, look around, add your name where it makes sense, and help out.

And it has a lits of categories, Topical, Geographical, and the tell all note, “Add new categories as needed.”.

And the piece I smiled at as the opening pages wiki guidelines, my highlights added:

It’s the second bullet that jumped out of the page and made my smile- it is the Wiki Way, ‘No one has “forgotten” or “left out” anything. You just haven’t added it yet.’ and goes very much to the notion of fishing over fish nuggets. The nugget way is someone builds a “complete” directory for you; fishing means you help build it.

Sure its messy, its not perfect alpha order, it does not contain “everything” (like there is a central authority who knows everything about every twitter user), but it has/will have a lot of value because its “collective” input.

This is pretty much my new bumper sticker expression of web 2.0: ‘No one has “forgotten” or “left out” anything. You just haven’t added it yet.’

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