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All You Can WordPress at the EduBlog Diner

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That’s the camp title I came up for my short invited presentation this Saturday at WordCamp San Francisco. My blurb is:

Among the 100+ million/gazillion blogs estimated that are “out there” quite a few belong to educators using several flavors of WordPress. (WordPress MultiUser) alone provides free blogs to nearly 200,000 educators. The spread goes far beyond teachers blogging their experience.

We’ll start with an appetizer of ways we at the NMC have tinkered with the WordPress recipe to power full featured websites. Moving on to the main buffet, we’ll sample ways WordPress is used to provide university hosted blogging services for students, as a place for elementary age students to stories, as electronic portfolios, as electronic publishing platforms, as nifty plugins that connect learning resources, as alternatives for course management systems, as resources for home schooled students, as platforms for narrative, as sites for projects. and more.

If there is room for dessert, we’ll see what people have tagged at

I’ll pretty much zip through some loaded sites in browser tabs. As a resource, I popped what I have accumulated so far into an open wikispace (heavily weighted towards University of Mary Washington only because Jim Grom sent so many links). Its impossible to cover everything done in education with WordPress, but if you want to toss another plate on the table, either edit the wiki or tag something in delicious as wpeducation.

Load me up with great examples, so I can wow the WordPress-erati.

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  1. I use my edublogs site as a portal for everything I do. THe students are either walking to an assignment, out of one, or through one using the portal. I have been using edublogs for just over two years as a main resource for an advanced and gifted reading class. I have moved to another state and have taken my skills and resoruces with me. I am this year going to use it for 3 Language Arts classes, and one Enrichment class. I’m not sure how it is going to work out as I had ooooodles of technology at my beck and call at my previous job, and this year I will not be in a situation as fortuitous as that.

    Please feel free to visit the site. I have set up “STUDY HALLS” for students this year to help each other, students I had last year to keep in touch and help each other, and another for VISITORS. Please be a guest to my site. If you have any suggestions or comments, leave them in the Visitor’s Study Hall at

    THe site’s home page is at

    The site is managed by some of the most talented people I have ever had the honor of virtually meeting.

    Thanks CogDogBlog for this opportunity and thanks EDUBLOGS for everything you do that no one can thank you for besides all you do that we see and are grateful for.

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