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iPhones Ain’t For Bumpkins

Dem Fancee iPhoners ar Fer Citee Folks?
Dem Fancee iPhoners ar Fer Citee Folks? by cogdogblog
posted 11 Aug ’08, 9.13am MDT PST on flickr

I guess usn folkz that lives out here in da sticks cant get no iphones, heck we cant even get close to an Ai-Tee-N-Tee store. How the heckus kan I find dem fancy fones if I izz too far from da city?

Gotta love the design of an interface that gives you feedback it does not permit.

No, you have to HATE that.

See, when the blogging is slow, I just splatter stuff directly from flickr. That’s what happens when you are lost in the frontier being the 50 mile radius of the AT&T magic circles.

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