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No Respect for Stupid Spammers

No Respect for Stupid Spammers
No Respect for Stupid Spammers by cogdogblog
posted 11 Aug ’08, 8.41am MDT PST on flickr

Important URLs (mine) and unimportant ones (spammers) deliberately blurred. All other identification left readable intentionally

Well, I doubt I would ever use the word "respect" in proximity of "spammer", but I am at least a tiny bit less turned to growl mode when a spam message shows some originality or cleverness.

But stupid attempts at spam comment link insertion are just showing off how low the intelligence factor is among the bottom dwelling roaches, the very bowels of the blog ecosphere.

So as an attempt at gaining access to my approval queue, "Tongsi" supposedly from Thailand, puts a lot of thought into my post on Warngling WordPress Multiuser to share this very powerful insight:

WordPress MU is a clone of

Really? What are the odds of that? As a WordPress user for 5 years, I had no idea! Thank you so much for sharing with me your vast knowledge and expertise. I am so humbled. I must travel to your homeland and learn from the feet of your wisdom. Will you be my mentor?????

Note to spammers- stupid comments make you much easier to spot your 8 legs and roach stench.

SPLAT! goes the heavy metal boot.

Mmmm, back in the blogging swing with a good romp around the yard barking at spammers. It always restores energy.

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