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Back in Black ASCII: ACDC Video in Excel

Talk about dusting off my memory neurons; one of my first real rock concert experiences was seeing ACDC at some giant venue in DC. The “boys” from down under are still kicking- just found via mashable something really wacky and thus of interest here at CogDogBlog- the first rock video played out in an Excel spreadsheet:

AC/DC smashes through your firewall with real rock “˜n’ roll! Download the spreadsheet to watch the Rock N Roll Train video in all it’s Low Definitionâ„¢ glory!

I had to stop what I was doing (eating donner) to try it out.

Argghhhh it of course does not work on Mac OSX. Went to my PC.

Argghhhh OpenOffice had issues too.

But if it worked, it would be something like the video:

And you can pretty much watch videos of their entire new album at

While I am nostalgic, and still smile at Angus Young’s frenzy, I miss the original… and still a cherished memory from my brief visit to Perth was Sue Water’s help in tracking down the burial spot of Bon Scott:

We Found It!

Bon's Resting Place?


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  1. This is brilliant… in a very bizarre definition of brilliant kind of way.

    One of the earliest rock concerts I attended as a teenager was AC/DC at the Glasgow Apollo. Probably still one of the greatest gigs I have ever attended. Loud! My ears were still ringing the next day and AC/DC are almost certainly partially responsible for my deteriorating hearing now. :-) I think (and I may be making this up) that it was the concert where they recorded if you want blood… at least that one that I use as a claim to fame!

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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