Vote for Skinna!
Vote for Skinna! by cogdogblog
posted 11 Nov ’08, 6.03pm MST PST on flickr

Calling all my friends and followers (all 7 of you)- I have another flickr photo that was picked up by Purina Pet Charts for a popularity contest.

Just go to the Purina site, click the "Skinna on Alert" photo on the bottom list of photos, and then click the green "vote" button.

Since a first tweet a few hours ago, she has zoomed to #1 (thanks twitter!), but more votes never hurt.

Back in July, you all helped Fresa win this contest, so now do the same for Skinna!

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  1. For future reference, you can vote multiple times using multiple browsers, and if you quit out of the browser you can start it up and vote again. ;-)

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