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Map This Pipe: Your Twitter Followers

By sheer web search accident, I stumbled on to Andy M’s Yahoo Pipe for putting your twitter followers locations on a map:


The numbers ar enot a count per country, but a number on the list of 100, and you can pop from one pin to the next in a cheap world tour.

Note that it maps 100 of your followers, so no hopes Scoble et al for popping 25000 pins on a map. And I am not sure if these are the 100 most recent or just the random way twitter lists your followers.

And although it says you can embed this in your blog, doing so with JavaScript requires plain text insertion of your username and password, a definite no no unless you like eating phish. You can make it a iGoogle widget.

This is less of an interest in using this Pipe and more of a reminder (note to self, not a freaking resolution) to learn more about Yahoo Pipes (so I can more partly understand what the hell Tony Hirst cooks up in his kitchen),

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  1. Glad you like the pipe, Alan. It’s been so popular that I plan to update it very soon so stay tuned.

    You’re right to worry about your password but there is a companion pipe that will plot who you are following that DOESN’T need a password. See

    Good luck with your adventures in Yahoo Pipes. And @Tony, I’d be interested in learning more too!

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