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Rainbow Arcs from Iceland

Rainbow over Skinnhufa
Rainbow over Skinnhufa by cogdogblog
posted 3 Nov ’08, 2.28pm MST PST on flickr

This morning’s mixed skies here in Iceland had both sun and rain… and sun and rain and sun and rain.

Over the course of regularly complaining here about companies that get under my fur, it is incumbent upon me (wow, I never used that word before) to write when the opposite happens.

In a relatively short turn around time (time for mail to reach from Strawberry, Arizona to Reykjavik) I have an email and a confirmed $400 refund to my credit card, that Icelandair has done the right thing (well to me) and refunded my for an unused ticket I was stuck with after delays caused me to miss a flight home November 29 (see the whole tale).

I shall now write weekly praise of Icelandair (just kidding), but thank them publicly.

Lesson learned- if you are planning international travel through Logan Airport at Boston, and do not want to miss a connection, plan for a double length amount of time, I’d say 4 hours to be safe. Do not expect to quickly get from one terminal to the next on the bus system that lacks any signage, and expect that the friendly staff at the airport will bite your head off with a “yuse idiotz” look when you ask how to get to terminal E. The helpful instructions I got were, “Get on da bus”.

But yay for small victories! Also, I am looking forward to getting home as my hosts have sent me by parcel post the 3 coats I left in their closet.

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