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What’s the Pattern? (Kenneth?)

A little experiment- not looking to see who can name the pattern (that is easy).

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  1. Hard to resist but I will let someone else reveal the name of the sequence. For it begs our nearly astute conscious collaborative interest.

    Then again, I may just be talking out of my hat.

  2. What’s fascinating about this is when humans try to represent this pattern in the ways you and Darren have done, things get unwieldy quickly. Yet nature–in shells, pinecones, sunflowers, whatever else it is that’s build on that sequence that we’re apparently not naming here–things build organically and get increasingly elegant. How can that concept be translated into learning technologies?

  3. @Leslie M-B: That’s a challenging question, indeed! But I think there is a difference between the growth patterns that follow the formula (and maybe not going too far out on the extremes where things grow very lareg) and trying to represent them using different media.

    I would say the elegance might come in the creative ways people express it. Darren took it one way, and Jennifer W, who replied in video, tried another. It takes a lot of work to make the complex simpler; my own video was just a rushed attempt to find all the things that might fit, and shows it.

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