August 30th--It's True.
August 30th–It’s True. by Jessica DeWinter
posted 7 Sep ’07, 2.22am MDT PST on flickr

Freed from the shackles of corporate America.

Hah, not what you think.

Not that I *know* what you think.

One of the interesting re-threads I heard at Northern Voice this year was the navel gazing equivalency of blogging about blogging, blogging about not blogging, etc. So I am not going to blog about my manufactured excuses for not blogging much at Northern Voice, not really even doing much of my VoiceThread version either.

Nope, am I blogging about not blogging?

At one time I had a compulsion to provide “Coverage” at conferences- blog sessions, photos, post audio, my my gawd, that gets tiring and I am not a great stenographer.

And at the same time I am not blogging, Reverence Jim has amped up his blog machine to crank out 5, 7 posts a day. The Rev is on a tear! He is single handedly keeping the edtech blogger scene with a registered pulse.

But I would not blog about him blogging…

And of course,, he had time<.em> given he did not cram himself into a plane to wing his way to Van Rock City from FredBurgerTown. Shoot, I lost abut 13 hours blog time with just travel there.

But seriously, there was a large Rev sized hole in the presence of the conference, (and throngs of bloggers invoking, “Where’s Jim? Where’s Jim? Where’s Jim? Where’s Jim? Where’s Jim?”) so start plotting now, Real Reverend Jim to have your ticket punched for NV10.

What I quit is the ***** idea I ought to blog, and hoisting the flag of I blog when I fracking well feel like it.

And I certainly won’t blog about my blogging.

No more blogging about not blogging or blogging about blogging…. this week at least.

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