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LiveScribed Northern Voice Presentation

Nancy LiveScribed Me!
Nancy LiveScribed Me! by cogdogblog
posted 22 Feb ’09, 11.25am MST PST on flickr

Mucho gracias to Nancy White for using my new LiveScribe pen to record audio and graphic notes of my Say/Blog It With Pictures session at Northern Voice.

The pen records the audio:

and in the micro-dot notebook synchronizes each pen stroke to the audio spoken at time it was written, so rather than having to take stenographic monk-like verbatim notes, you can do highlights, or graphics.

The LiveScribe software on the Mac is woefully pre-beta-ish; ultimately, it will be able to publish the package as a flash media piece that plays back the notes with sound.

Here is a Photoshopped collage of Nancy’s beautiful notes. Thanks ChocoNancy!

Say/Blog It in Pictures Northern Voice Preso

While building the MediaRSS files by hand is rather tedious, I am excited about more use of CoolIris. I am thinking of perhaps a simple Google Spreadsheet that could be sued to enter the slide data and have it process the stuff into the format CoolIris needs.

The challenge is one typo or some character CoolIris does not like, and you get the default display of content rather than your own. The things I learned to avoid were:

* ampersands & in the title or description tag or URLs
* I had to urlencode some URLs that had “?” or “&” in them
* Sometimes, I just had to wipe out an <item></item> and write is from scratch

And thanks for an audience who eagerly played 5 Card Northern Voice:

As mentioned, I have the Five Card Story site code shared on Google Code:

Though this is an earlier version; I have a few updates (I added an AJAX rating system) and new ideas to add based on feedback including ability to comment on stories, and to take an existing published story, and write a different story for the same pictures.

Northern Voice Rocks!

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