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Treat Me Like a Moron, Please

Red Alert! DEFCON 2! NOT
Red Alert! DEFCON 2! NOT by cogdogblog
posted 7 Feb ’09, 9.56am MST PST on flickr

It brightens my day when magazines (who are like the dinosaurs at 30 minutes before the end of the Cretaceous period admiring themselves in the mirror) assume I am a moron.


I’ve been getting this "urgent" mailing from MacWorld starting a month ago.

"Your subscription ot MacWorld is due to expire… So now is the time to renew your subscription! Why now? Because that allows us time to process your order, prepare mailing labels, and allow for uninterrupted delivery of MacWorld… But we must hear from you right away to guarantee that you don’t miss an issue between your current subscription and your renewal".

Urgent! Urgent!

Wait. Today is February 6, 2009. On my renewal card it shows my subscription runs through June 2009.

That is urgent. It takes 4 months to "process your order, prepare mailing labels"???

It’s not just MacWorld. The über hip and eco sensitive Wired magazine sends me the same missives from some drone named Jeffery Stone. Wired also litters their magazine with those annoying subscription insert cards (sent to someone has HAS a subscription) among the articles warning of the devastation of natural resources (like, ahem trees).

WTFFFFF? So two magazines that cater to high tech readers assume that their readers are total f***ing morons who cannot manage their own renewals in any other way than wasting paper and postage (and carbon) on snail mailed naggings.

I cannot tell you how much positive feelings I can muster for organizations that consider me stupid.

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