Lola on the beach
Lola on the beach by ambertq
posted 22 Oct ’08, 12.48pm MDT PST on flickr

I have to leave town tonight. I have a red-eye to Newark and hopefully a connection and some information when I get to the next place.

You see, my older sister and her husband have not been home since November. Her house and car are in tact. They had retired, so they are not missing from work. There have been a few sporadic dispatches that would make it seem they are okay, but I have to go find them to be sure.

Actually, I know exactly where they are! Cause they invited me out to meet them where they are wintering, in the freakin Bahamas! They have been living the life of carefree pups living on thei5 38 foot sailboat. I will fly out from Ft Lauderdale Tuesday morning, and hang with them, for a week, no laptop, no internet, just sun, beach, and water.

At best there will be scattered tweets before I leave the mainland.

This dog is gone to the beach! Cya!

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  1. What? You tweet while running a marathon, but you can’t tweet from the ocean? Oh, yeah. I forgot you have that iphone with the crappy AT&T service. Okay, you’re excused. Have fun. 🙂

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