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Everyone was HBO (Here Before Oprah)? Fail.

C’mon twitter people, you are liming up zombie lemmings marching off the cliff. I see a stream of people in my stream tweeting something from a site boasting that they were in twitter before @Oprah.

Monkey see, monkey click, monkey tweet.

So there is a simple box on the site In theory, you enter your twitter name, it does not complex communication with the twitter API and returns an appropriate response.

C;mon people think a bit more critically before transforming into a twittering meme-bot.

Play this out with me.

how about if we try someone who hopefully obviously is not on twitter, say:


I am so sure that Zippy The Wonder Lizard was on twitter long before Oprah, right? It is so logical…. let’s press ENTER:


OMG, Zippy was such a pioneer. An early twitterati, not just someone who gets in line behind the sheep.



Of course there is no (well until I publish this and some wise arse, probably in a central Canadian province or central Virginia small town, will register that account).

But geez-o-pease Wally, think before you tweet.

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  1. Just ttied to register this account and it was too long, how about zipwonliz? I think that might work? Also, why are you hating on zombies these days? Ya know, they have feelings too!

  2. Twitter leemings- I totally agree. Twitter is getting full up with village idiots and spammers. I think the idea of not listing numbers of followers might not be a bad idea. Some people seem to be collecting followers for no reason other than ego.

  3. Why do you care if folks want to play the I was here before Oprah game? It’s just a goofy little thing — I’m surprised you find it worthy of the soap box. Are you short on topics or something?

    1. @Fershizzle I don’t care if you want to play the Oprah game or if you want to spend all day super poking people in Facebook. I don’t care.

      The point is the site is a crock of shit. It does not work. It just takes whatever crap you type in the box and says that crap was there before Oprah. It does not really even check twitter.

      So my point is (captioned for the hard of understanding) — is the folly of people just jumping on this like brainless feebs and not questioning if it means anything.

      Yeah, I am really short on topics. Can I blog about you?

  4. :p I find it rather amusing that people are doing this. People really don’t care if you were here before Oprah or not, and if they do, well…

    What’s with the jab at the central Canadian provinces though? :p The majority of people up here don’t even know what Twitter is, never mind going and doing that. You could make the same generalizing statements about a New Yorker or someone from Turkey. :p

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