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Hanging Out in Payson with @hrheingold

2009/365/140 Hanging Out in Payson with @hrheingold
2009/365/140 Hanging Out in Payson with @hrheingold by cogdogblog
posted 20 May ’09, 10.43pm MDT PST on flickr

You never know who will bump into at the Bee Line Cafe in Payson, Arizona.

Nah, this was planned. Howard Rheingold was in Phoenix yesterday as a keynote speaker for the 2009 Maricopa Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference.

I had hoped to drive down for the conference, but my schedule imploded with things that needed to get done, so I had to opt out of the drive down (yeah leave lovely cool mountain air for 107 degrees). But luckily, Howard had plans to visit one of his friends who lives in Payson, which is only 18 miles from where I live, so we had plans to breakfast at the down home Bee Line (where they have the cutest grumpy old waitresses).

Born in Tucson and growing up in Phoenix in the pre suburban explosion, Howard has his AZ roots, and it was an enjoyable time talking about The Way Things Were, social media, his new book ideas, classes at Stanford / Berkeley, etc.

Thanks @hrheingold for hanging out in lively Payson!

Heck anyone can go speak in Spain, Austria, South Africa… but getting a session in Payson is top shelf ;-)

Yeah, right.

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