2009/365/139 Between Some Rocks and A....
2009/365/139 Between Some Rocks and A…. by cogdogblog
posted 19 May ’09, 10.45pm MDT PST on flickr

Feeling like you have no where to go? Is life pressing you in? Do you not see options to get out of what is keeping you from where you want to be? Is some lumbering biped chasing you with a camera?

Do not despair, there is an answer!

Here at Sunny Lizard Philosophers, we have a program to help you scoot along the cracks, soak up the sun, and find joy in eating insects, all in the progress of discovering your inner gecko.

This offer has no expiration date.

Epligoue- When you are short of photos for your daily 356 Photo (and aren’t we around 1/3 the way), just make up some goofy captions. I managed 3 blurry unusable flower photos and got lucky chasing a lizard.


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