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GigaPan: Now With Embed!

It’s been a while since I shot or even explored Gigapan, the amazing photo exploration tool that lets you see a wide range of zoom detail in a scene. I have not even captured a scene in a while (see my old ‘pans).

But by sheer accidental link clicking from my RSS Reader (am I the last person on earth reading feeds while everyone else tweets their lunch?) I found on a neat site (see below) that you can now embed a gigagpan image.. So here goes one I took in November at the foot of the volcano Hekla:

If you are interested in some applications of the gigapan I can think of few finer that the Geology ones by Ron Schott lots of structures and outcrops to study at many different scales.

The thing that got me (linktribution to David Weinberger) here was a blog on Nano Gigapans, where rather than looking at large open scenes, they have gone the opposite way and have set up detailed scenes of very tiny things, like an SEM image of Blood and Hair — this is brilliant, and has me nostalgic for a part time job I had as an undergrad running an SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) at a DuPont lab.

Hmmm, I am again inspired to take the rig out…

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  1. This is awesome news. Thanks for sharing it Alan.

    BTW, did you check out the Boston University Gigapan featured photo at the top of the Gigapan site? Zoom in to see the faces clearly then just navigate around through the crowd. The looks, gestures, and actions of the grads are priceless. Sleeping. Confused. Yawning. Checking out other people.

    1. It’s been a while since I was on the gigapan site. You need to log in to get your embed codes, a row of grey buttons below the info (along with Edit, Delete).

      The embed code will not work on a site since it uses iframe tags.

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