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Dreamhost Sucks
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They do. I want the world to know. (this is an hour after my second request submitted to their support email for help)

Twas not a happy experience last 2 days with Dreamhost and a migration to their “private server” experience…. I had not responded to their first offers on this, and they came back with a 33% off, and after reading a a bit on it, decided to gamble.

Maybe a bad dice roll, but (despite my last hours of made twittering) am holding off on the complete “They Suck” conclusion.

When they migrated my database, my site went down for a few hours with “database connection error” – I could not log into MySQL through any means. I submitted a report and they did fix after a fwe hours citing a need to refresh the database ,permissions (essentially I was locked out of my own database).

Then the message came last night that they had “successfully” merged my MySQL databases- with the :”success” as shown above– for 10 freaking hours. I notified them right away, but it took more than 10 hours for them to again fix the database.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

Moving hosts is a PITA but at some point they force your hand.

Am waiting to see what kind of effect the private server has, and dreading the thought of moving, but its certainly in the table, keeping in mind CogDog’s Law of Service Providers: They All Suck or will Eventually Suck.

I do plan to be getting my full off-Dreamhost backups ASAP.

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  1. I hate to see this. Same thing happened to me on my long time host, startlogic last year … that forced me to ask around and switch to dreamhost. I am afraid to say I am actually sort of happy, but would give anything if all of us edtech bloggers would just suck it up and come together to get a server of our own. Relying on this model scares the hell out of me … especially given how much I rely on my blog to be the center of my online identity. Even with a “domain of one’s own” we are just pawns to these people. Too bad, but I don’t see an alternative.

    I am glad you are back though.

  2. For all my moaning and groaning (much of which was for show), I don;t expect perfect hosting– no matter how good your service provider, someday they will screw you- if it is your OSP, your mobile provider, your water company….

    I’m not sure a server of ones own is really the answer, you are still limited by electrical, network providers, etc.

    It would however, be remarkable if a provider actually acknowledged that sometimes they suck, that they would be public about sucking, that they would act human beings instead of drones.

    Dreamhost? Nah, no on really acknowledged much of anything. I’d love to get to that chippy dude who sends the happy go lucky dreamhost newsletters- I’d like to hoist myself up, and pee long and hard in his cheerios and watch him eat the whole bowl.

    Yep, that would be good.

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