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I routinely delete those emails (and rarely get to the bottom, the trash impulse comes quickly) that come in requesting me to blog about some software/web site/product… “This ain’t no request line, try WXYZ…”

But one came this week that made my drop my routine (it’s got storytelling! web sharing!), because in the first sentence it hooked me. My Teacher, My Hero is a new site that will open soon as a place for people to share stories about their favorite teachers, and a place for people who may think they want to be teachers… to be inspired.


My Teacher, My Hero strives to give thanks to inspirational teachers across the country and inspire new teachers to join the profession. We hope to help raise the status of teachers in our society and recognize the integral role that they play in shaping our future. With your help, we feel that we can shift our society’s perception of the teaching profession towards recognizing educators for the important role that they play. Further, we hope to inspire a generation of young, intelligent, and passionate people to take pride in their desire to teach.

They have a collection of video testimonials that you can search/browse, and a facility to share your own story in the mix. I just finished recording mine via the web cam tool (let’s see if they take it off the cutting room floor). UPDATE– my web cam recording was a silent movie, so the folks at My teacher My hero were kind enough to let me send them a replacement recorded with my Flip HD — the site is now live, here is my vid

It has connections to programs like the Masters of Teaching program at USC, ClassWish which provides a matchmaking service between teachers who need supplies and people who wish to donate to schools, Certification Map for information about teacher certification, and the professional development of Teachers Without Borders.

It’s ironic because recently I had a really long conversation with a friend where we shared our favorite teachers from elementary, middle, and high school, and it went for more than an hour. Yet there is always so much a need for more teachers.

I give this 4 paws for a worthwhile web venture– check it out when the site opens (next week they say).

And Mr Witts, where-ever you are, my video thanks you.

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  1. As a current teacher who was inpsired to enter the profession from a teacher who I admired, this story intrigues me. I believe this provides a nice starting point for soon-to-be teachers as they will hear positive characteristics and stories of quality teachers. In addition, this does make one think back to those teachers we all had who helped make a difference in our lives.

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