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Objects With Meaning

Yesterday I lost a dog leash in the woods. What’s the big deal? I took my friend Kevin who was visiting, on one of my specialty semi brutal hikes, a near 7 mile bushwack, up the top of the mountain we see from my house. We were working our way around a steep section, the […]

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Cowbirding to the End

A tweet of ends #digitalstorytelling gem @cowbird to shut down: https://t.co/IRIyymTJcYThis makes me so sad. — Bryan Alexander (@BryanAlexander) February 8, 2017 The standard opening lines here would be my woeful admission of how little I had written in that special storytelling space. It would be wafted with moth-ball scented excuses. You can more or […]

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Bringing the BS of Storytelling to CALIcon15

“BS? How Can you say that? You’ve been promoting digital storytelling for 10 years!” Today’s keynote was a play on perception, I never explicitly defined what BS stood for, did I? Sometime in April, after the return from 5 months in British Columbia, I was catching up with Barbara Ganley vis Skype and said something […]

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Behind a Cowbird

My being inspired to write a story on cowbird is a likely correlation with spending last week visiting Barbara Ganley. Because I urge my students to share the story behind a story, the one I wrote last night A Stranger Rummaged Through My Suitcase came from my unpacking experience. It was hardly the first time […]