I did not know my wails of despair were heard by by co-habitant.

I started my campaign a month ago asking for stories of connection, and a few did come in. I saw more tweets and retweets than stories, and even enlisted Bugs Bunny to the cause.

Well I do have 13, peeking way down to the bottom of the optimism in the partly full cup. And to those folks — Aaron, Greg, Mariana, Laura Ritchie, David, Heather, Kevin, Claudia, Kathy, Andy, Cathy, Teresa, Dean, and Alyson — Mazel Tov.

I have heard from a bunch of people and I guess it’s still not clear what I want. Or maybe there are no more stories left. But to me people are making it much more complex than it need be. Turn on the mobile video camera and talk to it like you are in conversation with a buddy, just a natural voice, and telling them about something unexpected via a connection on the internet.

I’m not gonna go around begging and nagging. I put out an ask, I get a response, and then I reflect on what comes and as well as speculate why it’s so hard for people to do this.

Hopefully Feldspar’s explanation is better than mine. Around the 3rd or 4th week in September I will be compiling what I have into a video keynote for the K12 Online Conference in mid October. But even then, I will always add them to the site at any time.

Listen to Feldspar, ok (his real first name is “Plagioclase”)

Top /featured image credit: a frame from a video I made myself, in my own house, with my own stuffed animal. That’s attribution, eh?

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  1. I am probably one of those people who’s making it more complex than it needs to be. This is me committing to get you something by midweek – and if I can’t make what’s in my mind in that time, I promise to just look in the camera and tell it.

  2. You greedy greedy man 🙂

    If I find a good enough internet connection at the hotel in England maybe Rebecca and I can film one when we are physically together! I bet that would have a good energy to it? If it’s the first day we meet?

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