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Two flavors of this story, a series of comic renderings (done via the Halftone iPhone app) or an extended storify. [View the story “#nightAtORD” on Storify] A few thoughts. The whole ideas seemed like a fun way to pass the time via tweets, photos, some audio. It actually is an fascinating experience to observe the […]

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My God, It’s Full of Stories

cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by entrelec No one denies the power of story. We are wired for storytelling. It’s the world’s oldest tradition. It’s what makes us human. It matters for game designers. It produces results in business. People who market brands and specialize in SEO are storytellers. And […]

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Freedom in Five Photos

In prep for doing next week’s introduction to storytelling for my ds106 class, yesterday’s sequence of events compelled me to try the Tell a Story in Five Frames flickr group, making a story titled “Freed” This are an interesting challenge, it is easy perhaps to illustrate a series of events. The trick to level up […]