Two flavors of this story, a series of comic renderings (done via the Halftone iPhone app) or an extended storify.

A few thoughts. The whole ideas seemed like a fun way to pass the time via tweets, photos, some audio. It actually is an fascinating experience to observe the flow of a busy place in its off hours, like going to a 24 hour grocery store at 2am. I wonder if travelers know of all the unseen staff at night on carts, pushing carts, pulling carts, cleaning waste bins, mopping, spraying, wiping the escalator walls, etc for the purpose of your passing through.

Second, recently in some twitter banter I said something that probably sounded derogatory towards creating things in mobile apps. I did not express it well, but deserved the tweet slap from D’Arcy Norman. I do not imply that you cannot be creative making content in mobile apps, so I aimed to show that here, by using the Halftone app for the comic renderings of photos. Apps or software do not limit your creativity, no. I still think its important, at least for me, to know in many cases, the underlying fundamentals of say, doing a GIF frame by frame in photoshop and the fun of doing them quickly in Cinemagram. In many, but not all cases, that understanding of how these things are made, can make you do them better in the simpler apps.

But that’s for me, I’m not here to tell you how to create, just to nag you to do it any way you can.

And… take every possibility to turn an experience into a story. It make both more interesting.

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