I've got a boner for sunsets!
cc licensed flickr photo shared by Vermin Inc

Thanks for people who keep trying to get me Google Wave invites.

Don’t waste any more on me as it feels pretty obvious my barkings have caused a “No Dogs Allowed” sign on the Google Beach.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Steffe

I am sure enjoying the view of water from here. My aren’t those wave pretty?

Have fun with all your waviness. I’ve got a filter on my Tweetdeck to filter out all the joyous wave tweets. It’s really annoying to hear how cool it is.

Now where do I put my sun screen?

(can you tell I really don’t care and that is more fun to spray sarcasm?)

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  1. I’m in the same boat. I’d like an invite. I have been told invites have been shared with me. I signed up early.

    No dice.

    I’m not upset or disappointed about it; it is what it is, and to be honest, I don’t think I could give enough time towards figuring it all out for a while anyhow.

    You would think, from the hype, that the whole interwebs have changed. It is remarkable, and yet the reactions I have seen and read indicate that it’s like IM/email/twitter/chat rooms all combined.

    Oh, well….

  2. It is likely that if someone invited you will eventually receive it. The initial release of 100k invites took about 2 days to work through the system. After the first day of those users using wave there have been around 1 million secondary invites. If there time schedule for releasing those invites is the same as the first 100k people it could take up to 20 days to get them all out. If you have not received it by October 20th then I would start to worry.

  3. The whole idea of “invites” is a little rank. “We have been chosen!!”

    Effective marketing, but when they need to market it, maybe it isn’t so incredible (just another fairly useful tool that needs a push)….and if it IS just a combination of IM/email/chatter and twit rooms then why should I let someone else own that when it is already combined on my desktop? Google is not free.

    The ownership aspect is worrying me more and more. Google Waive?

    I’m sure its wonderful, by the way. And I look forward to when it goes public, reservations notwithstanding:)

  4. Alan,

    Very impressed with the Horizon Reports. They match our own thinking about the need to build IT around people and communities. That’s why we started creating Encanvas back in 2003.

    You don’t need Wave. Squork is better and its built on Encanvas secure&Live ES which is a portal architecture that doesn’t require any coding to develop enterprise portals and mashups. Squork beta goes up later this month. The base version is FREE.

    You can personalize Squork using Encanvas and bring it on-premises so every aspect of design and orchestration is completely configurable. Later this year you’ll get social graphing, tag content management and online file presentation. No downloads or plug-ins – it’s all cloud based.

    Have fun!

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