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Best. Motley. Postcard. Evah.

Best. Motley. Postcard. Evah.
cc licensed flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

I’ve never met Jared Stein I’ve had his blog in my reader a while, see his tweets, and know he swims in same circles as some of my other core online circle.

So what do I know? He writes rather deeply and introspectively (e.g. on solitude and metacognition woah, Neo), he works at some university in Utah (I could look it up, yeah), does some insanely original presentations (if you out bava the bava, you are top shelf), and he’s into skateboarding.

I like that mix.

That’s ’bout it. I figure one day, I’ll meet, and like this guy. Or worse, I’ve met him once and stupidly and rudely forgot.

But now I know he’s an artist and a clever one at that with the arrival of a Motley Reader postcard with this clever hand drawn art representing the opeing of Joycw’s Two Gallants,; that;s Lenehan with the white shoes, stepping out of the way of Corley.

Even more clever, as Lenehen’s feet are standing right on the words of the story:

"His breeches, his white rubber shoes and his jauntily slung waterproof expressed youth."

Heck, that’s not even a complete sentence, but who cares- it sets the stage of who Lenehen is, a buffoon, pretending to be who he is not, and hanging out as a supplicant to a more wtetched soul.

I’m humbled, Jared- this is beautiful and original. Thanks.

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  1. An artist? The bava is the premiere artist is North America, now I have to put Jared on my list along with Tom Woodward as people to malign and berate—there can only be one true edtech artist 🙂

  2. Yeah, let’s not get out of hand! I claim no attempt to impinge upon The One True Artist.

    Anyway, thanks for the compliment, Alan! I really haven’t done any drawring since college, when I dropped out of an art program because I was too thin skinned. For this postcard (and a few others) I was riffing on a shoe/clothes motif I saw in several stories in “Dubliners”. That and I didn’t feel like writing anything that weekend.

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