I saw Mikhail’s effort of telling the story of The Shining in 6 Frames in response to Jim Groom’s explanation of this as an activity used in his digital storytelling class.

But c’mon, how many other ways do you mix up Jack with an Ax, Jack in the Ice, Jack in the Bar, jack poking his head through the wall, Jack as Woody Allen (oaky, Mikhail, that was clever and rule bending) ? Yawwwwwwwn I was looking for some different angles on the story. Some made up ones.

For me, the Shining was a story about a boy, his toys, and his boundless love for a Dad who gave him more and more toys.

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  1. Dad and toys, a remix, where is Scatman Crothers? The gy Danny calls (via telepathy) to bring him more toys, and then the father gets mad and jealous at him and puts an ax in his chest. That’s the real story 🙂

  2. That sets up a really fun part two to the assignment.

    Part one- you summarize it as faithfully as possible in your limited frames- maybe you have them include lines from the movie.

    Part two- you have to use the same frames (but you can switch the order) and whatever lines from the movie you want to create as opposite a story as possible.

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