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I’m With Jim (#ds106 as open course)

I have signed up for more open courses and barely participated in all of them- but I am aiming to break my mold with just off the press bavadelicious announcement from Jim Groom that he would be leading an online and open course version of his ds106 Digital Storytelling course at University of Mary Washington.

Yes, I am a card carrying OCDU (Open Course Drop Out). For now.

You will find the new course being formed over the next few weeks at and darned if there is not a sweet integration of MediaWiki with the same TwentyTen theme, I have been so accustomed to seeing butt ugly MediaWiki sites that I stopped using them myself.

So I registered my blog at (easier than any other course registration I did in college) (yes, I recall walking around Arizona State University, standing in registration lines with a piece of paper to get in my courses). This is my test post, and by including a screen shot of the site, am setting up a barbershop mirror effect that may just burn down the internet (if WikiLeaks scuttle does not do it first).

cc licensed flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

So now I bow down to the east and honor The Bava for unleashing his creative madness on the world.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

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  1. Man, with you on board I have no more doubts, and it means I can actually start thinking through that dailyshoot design with you (and others), and maybe see it through. What do you think of turning the frontpage of into a kind of dailyshoot visual based theme that highlishts the work happening at the moment. Additionally, perhaps provide a way—like I tried on—to filter assignmens/submissions by tag (gonna avoid categories cause FeedWordPress kinda chokes on them.

    If we come up with a glossary of assignment tags (and even some places for loose tags that remain unassigned assignment wise) we could turn into a well-oiled and tag filtered site. What’s more, we could use delciious and flickr to filter examples for each assignment as well as flickr for daily shoots.

    I really think dailyshoot online for all kinds of storytelling devices is exactly what we need?

    Sorry to throw up in your comments, but now I am getting excited 😉

    1. That has some potential for some fun theme hacking. I’ve done FeedWordPress only on a small scale, but know you can import the feeds and then either cross assign external blog tags to internal or to turn them into categories, which would provide what is needed to create some pages maybe that do the aggregation.

      It might call for a strict tag hierarchy that could be outlined on a cheat sheet.

      #ds106 (tag for everything)
      + — #weekly1 (weekly assignment 1)
      + — #weekly2 (weekly assignment 2)

      And maybe there could be optional daily creative making prompts, people could choose to to say 3 per week?

      + — #daily1
      + — #daily2
      + — #daily3

      These could switch up- one day it is a photo assignment, the next it is a comic, or locating a video, etc.

      If we stick to the individual blog as a source, it could be aggregated as you already know how to do, and its a matter of making some custom WP templates. The dailies’ could be simple titles and link inside to the full entry, the weeklies maybe a blo excerpt, and then inside have the full normal blog stream as its own page/template.

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