I am trying to restrain the time sink that might become participating in ds106 radio, but it is easy to get sucked into the vortex. I made a little audio mashup the other not and dropped it in the bin, but you never know exactly where it goes from there- part of that is the magic spontaneity of it all.

So here goes a story.

You’d have to be hard pressed to be a male youth who grew up radiated by 1970s movie/tv culture and not be able to summon up at anytime a quote from the one, the only…. Dirty Harry.

I refuse to count the calculated “Make my day” line, and am more akin to the Harry Calahan lip sneer:


But of all the rats, punks, street dirtbags, frubby politicians, loonies, corrupt cops that Harry tangled with, none could measure up to one dark, twisted, tormented, evil, demented, horny-toed, souless, bug-eyed… duck.

What few people know, before they took to fists, knives, and magnum shoot outs, that at one time, they were high school chums, even singing together in the Glee Club (year book photos courtesy of “Old Booth” app).

Few people at Farnsworth high would ever make a comment of the disconfiguration of Daffy’s face, after the horrible chemistry lab accident in 1964. It slowly ate into his soul, til there was nothing left but a residue of sufferin’ succotash.

And hence… Dirty Daffy.

The Tale of Dirty Daffy

Audio parsed from YouTube clips and sloppily edited in Audacity.

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  1. That was absolutely nuts, the way you are playing with dialogue between these characters is fascinating. I want to’ play with this idea of charter and voile, all sorta story gold here.

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