This is a slight twist on the ds106 Sound Effects Story assignment– a short story done with only audio effects. Rather than use ones from a library, I mixed together a set of voice-less sounds I made or got from my surroundings.

The story first..

All of the sounds were recorded on my iPhone using the expensive and complicated (not, it is 99 cents) Griffin iTalk app. These included:

  • Keys being picked up (rattled too) from table.
  • House door opening, foot steps, opening of car door, starting of car engine.
  • Closing of car door.
  • Ocean waves crashing (recorded earlier this week in St Petersburg)
  • Plunking in water sound (made by dropping a bar of soap in a toilet)

It’s a five sound story!

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    1. I’ve pretty much left my Edirol mp3 recorder in the office. It is really good, but I have done most of my interviews and recording of my own sessions with the iPhone. It picks up sound from about 8-10 feet away.

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