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Yee Ha! Wikispaces Rolling our Free Ones for Higher Education

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Round up yer wiki-ing, pardner!

I just got early word that wikispaces is expanding their program of ad-free fully featured wikis that was up to now offered only for K-12, and making it available for higher education too.

We’re taking it to the next level. Our great ad-free, private, Plus-featured wikis are now free to higher education, as well.

With this whole new audience for our wikis, we’re extending our commitment to give away 2 million total free wikis for education. The features in these free educational wikis normally cost $50 per year, but are completely free when used for K-12 or higher education. That means wikis for teachers, students, professors, researchers, librarians “” anyone and everyone using their wikis in K-12 or higher education. So spread the word and let’s achieve something great together.

If you’re using your wiki exclusively for K-12 education, find out how to upgrade your wiki and get lots of other great information at

If you’re using your wiki exclusively for Higher Education, find out how to upgrade your wiki and get lots of other great information at

I have used Wikispaces a lot over the last 4+ years, the home for 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story (and its first version at, the Web 2.0 Storytelling wiki that goes with an article I co-wrote with Bryan Alexander.

These are all on the basic free service that works well, even with the ads. But the version wikispaces offers not only takes away the ads, but gets you the full features (page level permission control for one) that I use extensively on our paid hosted versions at NMC for the Horizon Reports and more.

Round ’em up, cowboys and cowgirls! It’s time to wiki it up

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Might be time to take a road trip to Wikieup, AZ, and see what the desert wikis are up to.

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