Mom is shy

Here’s a new assignment for your ds10ers; put your Mom on the radio.

I have an unfair advantage that my Mom is (a) alive and (b) a good sport. On her annual visits to Strawberry AZ for Thanksgiving, she has let herself be recorded on how to use her Twitter account or her previous amazement at people tweeting to her.

On my two day visit to her home in south Florida, I brought the ds106 radio station booth with me, and was determined to have her do a live appearance on the waves. Well, actually I did not say anything about the radio until we started broadcasting, I just said I wanted to record her telling stories.

Here’s the archive of our fun time:
CogDog’s Mom on ds106 radio (audio)

So this was totally unstructured. I rolled in with a bit of Herb Alpert, since I recall this tantalizing album in our house and she was always playing it.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

I tried to get her to tell an embarrassing story about me growing up, but she just wont snark me out. She has a mother’s grace. I asked about growing up in the Depression in downtown Baltimore (she was born in 1929, but was unaware of it growing up because her parents provided). She told a story of a scary child hood dream that may go back to an accidental fall down the stairs. She spoke of her job at a liquor warehouse where she used one of the first computers.

Mom also shared her secret of winning people’s hearts through the chocolate cookies she bakes every week and gives out. Her recipe is the Toll House cookies right from the side of the Nestle chocolate chip bags. Her one deviation is using chopped peanuts instead of walnuts.

After talking some about the bad things going on the world, Mom has expressed a willingness to help ease the situation in Libya by sending Moammar Gaddafi a bag of cookies- if anyone has his address, we are sure we can de-escalate his anger through some cookies.

She also got me on the record committed to getting my s*** out of her garage by the end of the year. Now I am accountable.

Oh, we had fun, she is such a good sport with my ideas. My mom rocks.

Thanks for all the tweets!

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  1. That was the first live ds106 event I have heard (played from droid as 8010 is blocked at college) and I was very impressed with the questions and prompts you gave, and of course the beautiful feedback you got from mom. Too cool.

    That audio clip is precious.

    A few years back I films my grandpa telling me about some pictures I gave him. I combined the video with a slideshow of images and some music he selected (one he is actually singing) and put them together.

    What wonder all this is!

  2. oooh- I remember some embarassing stories! Remember when you got a splinter in your foot and locked yourself in the bathroom until Mom came home? You should get a copy of the letter that Judy wrote about you being such a brat. When I help Mom clean out her garage I’m going to get rid of my embarrasing stuff she’s saved!

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