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There might be other things to blog about, but nothing seems as exciting or interesting as the Mad Camp Adventures of Digital Storytelling Open Course aka ds106. There is a rive of creativity shared via the distributed blogs, the free form ds106 radio (by the people, for the people, of the people), a budding TV station, live weekly class-casts (yesterday was D’Arcy Norman talking on photography– hoping the UMW folks are working on an archive page for the recordings, hint hint hint nudge elbow wink hint).

All of these are things we think can go beyond the usual slide talkin in Elluminate space that is the norm for synchronous online actvity.

Jim reminded me of another live element we talked about- it was a half formed idea rooted in the regular #_____chats yo see happening in twitter #edchat, #lrnchat, dot dot dot. Others may have a different euphemism for this act.

In those, a designated time slot is announced and people talk about a topic or respond to prompt questions via twitter. It is a loosely coupled open discussion format that plays out in twitter.

We are going to try something more loose and open but the same concept- Thursday is ds106 Tweetathon day– during that day we ask participants in ds106 and anyone else and their grandmother, to tweet out something related to the current work; we’d ask that you do at least one (or all) (several times) every Thursday!

  • Tweet Your Own Horn – share the thing or mini project or opus you are working on this week.
  • Tweet Someone Else’s Horn – scan the blogs, the radio waves, and give some kudos or suggestions to someone else in the class.
  • Tweet For Answers Stuck on how to do an effect in PhotoShop? Cannot find an appropriate sound effect for your video? Stuck on font choices? Tweet your call to the network

Take some time every Thursday to do an extra burst of ds106 connectivity via twitter- just use the #ds106 tag and all will be golden (as in the bag of variety).

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  1. Great idea. I like using the Visit -> Random Member (upper right) to get a glimpse of some participant who’s work I haven’t seen, and ds106tv has provided a bunch of introductions that I would have otherwise missed. We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig in our mine, the whole day through. We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig it’s what we like to do.

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