Lecture by Bava
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I feel like this just listening to the live audio stream; I can only imagine the full force gale of being in the ds106 class with The Bavanator.

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  1. Operative word is “lecture,” I need to find a way to make the classes more interactive with the radio, and I am open to ideas. I wanted to share the visuals this time, but would love to have a round table with students, everyone with a mic, and calls and chats coming in. Next week for audio i think I am going to do that. This Thursday I have Tim Owens coming on, and I am gonna do that talk show style from New Orleans an have everyone in the class listen from where ever they are.

    I would love to do something like you and Bryan did last week, that was simply amazing.

    1. Jim, how about having people mashup from the ‘lecture’ (a la Wesch’s latest video ‘rethinking ed’)? … not sure how practical that would be in real time …. baring giving over ‘time at lecture end’ for a short mash of key point for them .. really I’m just thinking of a mlearning / web2.0 / produsage variation on the 1-minute paper technique.

      1. Nick,

        Yeah, I would actually like to mash together the first 4 or 5 audio clips we have as a kind of 5 weeks in review. I might play with this over the weekend for my intro to audio stuff. Very cool, thanks for the idea—it’s got me thinking.

  2. Last week was fun; especially the Blackboard comments. It’s so funny that I teach online and am half a slacker online student because I am too busy teaching to do my own homework :) Pluggin’ away, as they say.

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