Taking a stab at the minimalist movie poster assignment for ds106. There are so many ways to slice this; I rifled through my DVD drawer and landed on this classic I rewatched (a few times), Paul Newman’s tour de force as Cool Hand Luke.

While we know the classic opening parking meter decapitation, the “failure to communicate” line, the rant of “a night in the box”, Luke’s effort to win a bet by eating 50 eggs in an hour symbolizes both the futility and focus of being in jail (or so I guess).

My technique involves “borrowing” images form Google and tracing/copying them. I did not want to use a photo of an egg, but found a simple photo that I placed in the location where mine is. I used the oval selection to get the shape, and used a stroke command to get an outline. I then used the magic wand to select the interior, created a mask, and did a gradient fill. A bit of drop shadow gave my egg some depth.

I then mocked the text from one of the many covers out there. I did not match the font exactly, or even closely, I used Black Oak Std, which is rather narrow, so I stretched it out vertically to make it more interesting. I just used the graphic as a guide and to select the turquoise color.

Then it was just a little gradient background, and put an outside glow effect on the text to make it float a bit.

I like both ends of the assignment, sorting out for the element to focus on, and finding a way to recreate it with simpler shapes.

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