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Radio is old and new again with free form ds106 radio, but today, today, today, took it to a whole new level.

One of the best parts of this experience has been making new connections, and one I have really dug has been Scott Lo’s reports from Japan, he is is Japan’s first podcaster at Tokyo Calling.

Tokyo was more than calling or even rocking and rolling yesterday, Scott was tweeting news of the first shakes of the big earthquake the rumbled Japan, several times. Many of his marveled at his calling it “mild”, not surprising considering his smooth radio voice and professional production he has brought to our mix.

Today he broke into the Friday cover songs asking if it was okay to give us a live report– hell yeah! I immediately thought this was worth capturing.

The problem was I was listening to the stream on my ancient MacBook, which had no audio recording software, and the first thought I had was to pull out my iphone and use ioTalk to record it from the speakers.

So the first section has a bit noisier quality- Scott did about 4 minutes of intro and broke into music, which gave me time to grab the rest of the show on my MacBookPro using WireTap.

This was brilliant, in the moment action. Scott called his Mom in the state, and broadcast the first conversation he had with her live on the radio. It was electric and moving.

So here is my recording of Scott Lo’s amazing report from the scene of Japan’s biggest earthquake:

Scott Lo ds106 radio report live from Japan

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