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Last November I had an ambition to do another round of NaNoWrimo but fell off the wagon early. It began as an experiment to do the writing in the open— which was fun, but then, alas,, the story part eluded me.

My plan was to write a story from the perspective of a real dog as an author, not a cartoon, but the real deal.

But out of the failure to execute came a few gems, as commenter John King recommended, I found, kindled, and loved Timbuktu, the story narrated by the astute Mr Bones, and his tale of devotion to his less than stable human partner, Willy Christmas (book details).

So I am building a collection of other Dog Point of View books, made a shelf on Good Reads

I have just started reading Art of Racing in the Rain– Enzo is a brilliant and moving narrator! And look, a book with a video trailer:

If you have other recommendations for books told form a Dog’s POV, please let me know in comments or via my GoodReads site

It also got me thinking to how a few years ago, my Second Life avatar’s outfit reminded someone of another dog related novel, I enjoyed, and entered the Uncanny Dog Valley

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

Rock on Dog Authors! If a dog can blog, they should certainly be able to novelize….

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  1. I had forgotten about The Lives of the Monster Dogs–that was a fun one.

    Don’t forget about Flush by Virginia Woolf. It’s the tale of the dognapping of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s spaniel.

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