The media evolution of ds106 is progressing, first it was free form ds106 radio, now we have a free form tv station, what is next? Major kudos to @timmmmyboy for getting it going.

I took my first crack at live broadcasting today, using Wirecast to publish to the site. It’s been a while since I played with Wirecast, and once you sort out were the stuff is, you can sit back amazed at the sophistication you (not yet me) can do. I managed to make a title strip, add my icon, switch from live video to a still to a video, and swap in the desktop presenter.

On testing, I found it useful to use the broadcast setting that saves as a local video recording.

What is slick about is how it automatically archives footage. If you log in within 2 weeks and make a highlight of a clip, it stays permanently (a highlight is as simple as marking an in and an out point). And then there is a one button upload to YouTube, where I sent my little show from today. I did a little walkabout out on the back deck and around my yard here in Strawberry, AZ.

I did have a snafu with audio- now I know that I need to create an audio shot in a lower numbered layer, so the mic is on all the time. Its a bit cramped having wirecast and the desktop presenter going- I set the latter to use just a browser window, but I had to squeeze it down 50% to fit. I also did not know I needed to log in to the account to set the status, so my live stream when out as “LIV from my Android Phone”.

Tim has done a great job in documenting the tools- see How to Broadcast


We have a TV station on the net, it’s crazy, eh?

I think someone needs to mashup Jim Groom with this video and call it “ds106 Video Killed the ds106 Radio Star”

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  1. It was great to see Arizona, and I was rather surprised by the good quality of the broadcast with your Mifi. For cellular broadband you were coming through well. I’m curious about the Youtube angle because I see that it was uploaded to your personal Youtube account, but I believe the ds106TV account is set to go to a different Youtube account (that feeds to the site). When you chose to upload to Youtube were you logged in as Cogdog or as ds106tv?

  2. My Mifi here gets great speeds, usually twice that of my country corn pone cable provider. I am guessing that not many people in this small town are on the network.

    You are right; I was logged into under my own account, not ds106tv. I will change that next time, knowing I need to change the status on the channel before I broadcast (looks like it is worth adding to your docs if not there already).

    1. No worries, it’s a nice feature I have enabled that anyone logged in with their account can upload episodes to their own channel. But to pull them into the site I usually use the ds106tv account’s linked Youtube settings. I’ll definitely update the page on the status thing as it seems quite a few of us are playing with Wirecast and that is the one situation where it will take the previous broadcast’s status as the name of the stream, causing a bit of confusion.

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