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Tennis is such a civilized activity. So proper, there is proper dress, clean white painted lines, rules to the game, it is all very genteel. It is the mark of an upstanding person, eh?

Alas my overhead serve slamming friends, I must warn you that you are being subverted. You have become part of an industry that plows under the Mother Earth with choking asphalt and parking lots. The precious resources that go into those fuzzy balls and other paraphernalia could be better devoted to building schools and sustainable agriculture.

Should I even bring out the fact of animal body parts butted, stretched, and wound into the strings of your newest racquet? Do you hear their cries when you swing it?

Join me Canada, in the Anti-Tennis Movement, let’s stop this decadent practice, Just Say No, to tennis, damnit!

signed in brother/sister-hood,
Barnaby J. Sotheby
Just Say No to Tennis, Ltd

Please do not take this seriously, ok?

Today, my good friend and colleague, Bryan Alexander, launched a new “one blog post a day” about digital storytelling at in support of his new book The New Digital Storytelling (go get it now!).

This, of course will be great, given the breadth, depth, and positive weirdness of te stuff Bryan finds online…but when I saw his tweet:

I could not help but think (and reply back)

I await, the axe wielding man’s reply (actually I will be visiting him later today, so if I never surface, send people with shovels up to his home on the mountain). It may not be what Bryan wants to do with his book, but I believe more and more strongly that Daily Acts of Creativity are a great thing to do.

So now that I’ve put it out there, I gotta step up.

This is an example of something I just submitted to ds106’s Visual Assignments- I call it a “Cropped Sign Story” (it has not showed up yet, but is working through the ds10 digestive system and should be at

More or less we think of creativity as something of an additive process, but there are brilliant ideas of being creative by taking away, by removing, such as Newspaper Blackout poetry. For a Cropped Photo story, change the meaning of a sign or something else in print, merely by cropping your photo, either in composing (better) or post editing (ok). Dont add anything in via Photoshop, just remove. And then make a story that uses it.

In my case, this is a sign at a park that was next to a Tennis Canada stadium in Toronto; that read “No Canada Tennis Parking” — Crop out the “parking” and it sounds like a whacko anti-Tennis protest.

Do a digital story activity thing per day in May- tag them in flickr as #dsmayday Okay? Hey? Nay?

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  1. I'[m in, I have a whole world I was dying to create during ds106 that I never could because of time, so this will be my push, thanks for pushing me to do more.

    My project “d&ds106” 😉

  2. So if Bryan accepts the challenge and Jim Groom creates the whole world each day, and you do too, is this like another ds106 MOOC only with three people?

    On a more Zenny note, I recall driving once between Ashfork and Williams after a recent snow. I stared out the window at the beautiful snow covered landscape. I remember telling my friend who was driving, “What makes it beautiful is the lack of snow under the juniper trees.”

    I don’t know why.

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