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May Story a Day #1: Howard B Camplese

Since I started May 2nd on my May Marathon of One Digital Story Per Day (#mayday), I am missing the first day of the month. So, while anyone can blog three times a day, I have gotten 2 stories done since being on the train 3 hours from Castleton Vermont.

Did you know that Howard Beale got his start doing news for Penn State University?

I’ve been wanting to do a mashup for a while with the “I’m Mad as Hell” scene from Network (I’ve thought of a school on called ‘I’m Bored as Hell and I’m Not Going to Take It!”), and since I had the clip on my laptop (and there was no 3g in reach for my network card) I began rummaging around my drive for audio to use.

Since its too easy to use Jim Groom, and he would sync nicely to the frothing Beale, I went sideways, and picked out a segment from a 2009 EDUCAUSE presentation I did with Jim and Cole Camplese for which my own blog post has the audio I recorded. So I decided to put Cole in the mashup spotlight. He’s a good sport, an administrator, the “A” word.

And no, technically, he did not say “Blogs are Stupid” he was quoting someone else in IT he was working with. It’s just more fun to mess with the truth.

Here’s to you, Brother Cole, I’m gonna owe you another growler for this, eh?

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  1. After that one, I owe a growler! I loved it … just wished I would have said, “blogs are for writing feelings.”

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