cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by Alissa Osumi

keep piling up in the apartment of my mind
Like piles of someone elses dirty clothes.
Dirty jeans, socks in odd numbered collections,
flannel shirts, a polka dotted party dress (not mine),
torn jeans, a tuxedo (no way), a leisure suit (maybe).

I keep
stuffing them back in the closet, tossing over the balcony at night,
leaving them in front of the empty 4G unit.
AC/DC Concert t-shirts, black bikini, wrinkled travel slacks.
Wedding gown (used once), surfer shorts (used too much),
cowboy duds, napkins, towels, boxer shorts with cartoons.

Big plastic bagfulls
I drop in the Goodwill dumpster.
Some of that stuff might just be my size.

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