My Lucky Coin
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The smiling hippy chick behind the counter at the restaurant on Nelson handed me my change. "Oh look, you get a lucky dollar coin" (coy smile).

Sure, I am in Canada, and people have that "nice" thing going, so I’m ready to believe. And their money is close to ours, except for more use of dollar and two dollar coins, so why not think there might be variations in coinage>

The light was low, or I was dim, and I glanced at it, not exactly getting why the coin was special– I still am not always sure which one is the single dollar. So I saw it looked different, but did not look closely enough.

It was not until back at the table when I showed it to my Canadian friends… and shrunk at their laughter– Hippy Chick had passed me a US dollar coin (worth less than a Canadian equivalent).

What a rube am I. Just write "sucker" on a sticker and slap it on my back. She saw me coming and going.


I’ve had that dollar in my wallet for a week– and all kinds of good things have been coming my way. Even more than usual.

So this is me smiling back at you, Hippy Chick– you got a laugh, but I have some strong Mojo luck going here.

Yeah, nice Canadians indeed, shared their lucky tokens with me!

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