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Well, actually I wont be there unless you ask.

I’ve had some people request a means to get updates from here via email, namely for the upcoming road trips. Yeah, e-mail. that dead thing. I looked at adding a subscription plugin (likely Subscribe2), but before adding another plugin to my blog house of cards, I speculated there might be another service to handle the load.

And voila, it is Feedburner — which is now a part of Google, so its a service many of us have. You can set up a Feedburner thing for any RSS feed, and I did have one there for CogDogBlog from a while ago (I considered doing one for say the RSS feed for a category, but opted for the whole show).

So it uses my blogs RSS feeds to send email notices to people who want it. I added the signup code to the far right sidebar:

but you can also just link right to the signup form.

It would help if someone could test this out, though I can check the subscription numbers via feedburner.

UPDATE: I have word that the emails are coming- I had forgotten that when I set mine up on Feedburner that I had spliced in my delicious and flickr activity; not what I wanted here. Now the subscription should just be posts from the blog here.

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  1. First email received:
    Links for 2011-06-09 []
    My Lucky Coin
    Hooks ‘n Barrels [Flickr]
    That Was No Brick in the Mail [Flickr]
    Heads it Is! [Flickr]
    Heads or Tails? [Flickr]
    My Lucky Coin [Flickr]
    I’m in Your Mailbox

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