Don’t ask me why I tooled around in Firebug, but my sarcasm spot sure needed some itching. I was looking at some of the works done for the web story assignment in Martha’s ds106 session (wither the URL for the class blog?).

I was wondering if this time I could do the whole thing in Firebug without buggering it, and I found out, YES I CAN. My target is the product blessed by all other MOOCs for synchronous events, specifically the page for the so called “Live” product (yikes, I cannot even find the original URL), and especially as it is underwoven by Blackbeard.

Okay, so I went a tad overboard in messing with their content, and am not even sure it tells a story. The fun parts were poking a bit deeper with firebug, and being able to mod the style sheets for new images/backgrounds. The text on the banner was hard to figure out, it was drawn from the alt tags of some canvas elements, and were not rendered in the Firebug view, so I had to save the HTML and load in a separate browser window to get the banner text updated (I used Aviary for full screen snapshots).

I had added a bunch of silly bits to the drop down menus, but you get the drift.

So here it is, the all loving Elliminate Dead! product- not available in any stores….

view in full sized glory

Any resemblance to a real company is entirely fictional and not intended. It’s a joke, get it?

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