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More Alan Artifacts

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That is Alan 1.0 as in 1.0 years old. I’ve had a bittersweet time revisiting the boxes and carefully organized albums, envelopes of stuff Mom had hung on to. Here I think I am some hot shit for collecting media, and Mom has been doing it for decades.

First of all, I did not even remember this Mother’s Day card I made for her

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Why I Love My Mother

I love you because you’re sweet
And you make good meat.
If I get stung by a bee
you will help me.
I love you because you
take care of Who?
Me of course!
Maybe some day you might get me a horse!
I love you do you?
Guess who gave this to you?
I, the person who LOVES YOU!

Alan Ha! Ha!

This was a bit more sad, perhaps revealing, in a set of drawings I had made in maybe 2nd grade- it represented my family.

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I had clearly said how I felt about the brother David I never knew (see David’s Chair story).

Last, in the early art efforts was his set of drawings I had made titled “A Book About Me” but it really describes what in I was faced with in 1970 in being a 7 year old with diabetes, including urine testing and getting insulin shots.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

I put them together as a PDF and published them on issuu

Clearly, I was destined to do multimedia!

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  1. Somehow I had missed this story about David. What a sad but moving story. My oldest sister who was 13 years older than me passed away from Lupus when I was starting 10th grade. We had been very close and sometimes she felt more like my mom than my mom was. I was taught at an early age that all the prednisone she was on made her unsteady on her feet and if she got cut, she had a hard time to heal. So I had been trained that if I saw her falling, I was to throw my body under hers so she could land on me and not be hurt. I guess I was her “service dog” as a child. I’m glad you have the rocking chair to keep him in your heart. Thanks for sharing this story.

  2. I love your book. I was confused and thought it cute at first how it started, and then I realized why you had shared that often private part of the day with your reader. Kids can be so awesome and brave. You probably just thought that’s how it was? Thanks for sharing!

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