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The ds106radio Bar Mitzvahcast

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This cassette tape came zooming out of the past, right from 1976, to me at my sister’s house– she had found it this past summer while cleaning up at my Mom’s house.

Yep, on these slender piece of ribbon, 35 years old of magnetized particles, stored the audio of my squeaky punk 13 year voice doing my bar mitzvah performance in Baltimore. This surely needed to be aired on ds106 radio for 6 people to hear.

I did not have access to equipment to digitized directly, so I had to set up my mp2 recorder in front of the speaker, the audio volumes were way over. Big deal.

Here it is right out of the 1970s!

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

Alan’s Bar Mitzvah (1976)

When I played it back, I had to listen a few times to ascertain it was really me. And I pretty puch fell down on my vows there. Oh well, I was in it for the Big Party my parents threw.

I did this in the context of a larger set of songs I put in a playlist with some narration- the theme was “ds106 is a religion”

ds106 is a religion show

  • Pentecostal Preacher
  • Jesus Is Just Alright (The Doobie Brother)
  • Put your Hands on the Radio
  • Instant Karma (John Lennon)
  • Bar Mitzvah (Life of Alan)
  • My Sweet Lord (George Harrison)
  • Personal Jesus (Johnny Cash)
  • Put your hand in the hand (Joan Baez and Elvis Preeley sloppy mashup)
  • Jesus Just Left Chicago (ZZ Top)
  • God Put a Smile upon Your Face (Coldplay)
  • Pentecostal Preacher (reprise)

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Put yer hands on the !

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