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If You Dig It… ds106radio

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If you dig ds106 radio, then join us tomorrow, October 2, a group of us are running a telethon to support the effort. While it is free form radio, truth be known that Grant Potter has been paying for the technical infrastructure since it launched in January 2011.

Tomorrow’s event will ask people to either donate whatever they can, be it money or just some things like doing a special show or making some art (damnnit). The point is just to show our appreciation for the community ds106 has become. The point is to show how much you dig it.

Hands down, being part of this group of friends who talk, play, and meet up on the internet radio waves has been the most exciting technology and social thing I have seen in my career. It’s real, folks. It’s been a big part of my personal graph, and visiting people on this trip and turning them on the radio has been a highlight of the journey– as blogged around here at

If you can dig it, here’s what you should do tomorrow:

ds106 radio is more than just talking into the air…

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it is a real community

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

be there tomorrow and show us that you dig it at ds106radio

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